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Oct 21, 2012 1:30am PDT
company that already abides by a $10 minimum wage required by san francisco. the campus alliance for economic justice group, or cafe j, started the campaign last semester to raise the minimum wage. saul "we just feel like $8 is simply not enough and we believe that if you play by the rules and work hard like anyone else you should be able to get a living wage." s/o: the vote on measure d won't likely have many negative effect on franchises like philz here in downtown san jose, but smaller businesses like psycho donuts fear they may have to close their doors if the measure is passed. mezcal restaurant in downtown san jose is a small business owned by adolfo gomez. gomez is worried that a negative domino affect will occur if the measure gets passed and he has to raise his prices in order to pay his employees higher wages. if a higher minimum wage becomes law in san jose, it would be the largest city in california to do so. some wonder if more cities will follow. reporting live from campus, tyler huffman... update news. one of the most controversial but iconic athletes ever came back to
Oct 28, 2012 1:30am PDT
allyalrcon: i'm actually from san francisco so i was sad that i actually wasn't in the area. everybody was going crazy, we were even singing like 'we are the champions" right after the game. i'm just so stoked for this season. chris de la cruz: when the giants won the world series i wasn't watching because i was probably following basketball. it's way more exciting. cassandra labson: i was having a huge party with my uncle at my uncles house with my whole family was there rooting for the giants, you know, waiting for that uh last ending to end so that so we can finally say world series! phillip biel: two years ago i was living over in campus village in cvb and i remember when it happened we were all watching tv, we all, the whole place just sort of erupted. we all ran out in the quad, everyone was yelling 'go giants' everything." pedro garcia is here with sports..... pedro i hear it was a big day for earthquake fans last weekend. that's right soccer fans in the bay area will finally have a place to call home. the san jose earthquakes broke ground on their new stadium this past weekend
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2